30th IEEE International Conference on
Data Engineering

Chicago, IL, USA | March 31-April 4, 2014

ICDE 2014: 30th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

Chicago, IL, USA, March 31-April 4, 2014


Research Track Papers

12 Exploiting Hardware Transactional Memory in Main-Memory Databases
14 Distributed Interactive Cube Exploration
26 Incremental Discovery of Prominent Situational Facts
31 R-Store: A Scalable Distributed System for Supporting Real-time Analytics
36 Crowd-Powered Find Algorithms
38 Adaptive Parallel Compressed Event Matching
47 Incremental Cluster Evolution Tracking from Highly Dynamic Network Data
48 Locality-Sensitive Operators for Parallel Main-Memory Database Clusters
60 Waste Not... Efficient Co-Processing of Relational Data
63 A General Algorithm for Subtree Similarity-Search
90 Personalized Query Suggestion With Diversity Awareness
92 On Masking Topical Intent in Keyword Search
108 L2AP: Fast Cosine Similarity Search With Prefix L-2 Norm Bounds
114 An Efficient Sampling Method for Characterizing Points of Interests on Maps
131 Pay-as-you-go Reconciliation in Schema Matching Networks
133 Mapping and Cleaning
141 OCTOPUS: Efficient Query Execution on Dynamic Mesh Datasets
143 PHiDJ: Parallel Similarity Self-Join for High-Dimensional Vector Data with MapReduce
154 Finding Common Ground among Experts’ Opinions on Data Clustering: with Applications in Malware Analysis
167 Answering Graph Pattern Queries Using Views
170 Evaluating Multi-way Joins over Discounted Hitting Time
173 GLog: A High Level Graph Analysis System Using MapReduce
174 Lock-free Transactional Support for Distributed Data Stores
175 We Can Learn Your #Hashtags: Connecting Tweets to Explicit Topics
198 Exploiting Group Recommendation Functions for Flexible Preferences
203 Efficient Top-K Closeness Centrality Search
205 Blazes: Coordination Analysis for Distributed Programs
222 Breaking out of the MisMatch Trap
233 Random-walk Domination in Large Graphs
242 Continuous Pattern Detection over Billion-Edge Graph Using Distributed Framework
243 Scalable Top-k Spatio-Temporal Term Querying
247 Rethinking Main Memory OLTP Recovery
248 How to Partition a Billion-Node Graph
256 Contract & Expand: I/O Efficient SCCs computing
257 Efficient and Accurate Query Evaluation on Uncertain Graphs via Recursive Stratified Sampling
259 Towards Effective and Efficient Mining of Arbitrary Shaped Clusters
269 Top-K Interesting Subgraph Discovery in Information Networks
275 Continuous Fragmented Skylines over Distributed Streams
277 LinkSCAN*: Overlapping Community Detection Using the Link-Space Transformation
278 Continuous Data Cleaning for Dynamic Data Environments
281 Nearest Keyword Set Search in Multi-dimensional Datasets
286 Cloud Service Placement via Subgraph Matching
296 Declarative Cartography: In-Database Map Generalization of Geospatial Datasets
305 Top-k Preferences in High Dimensions
306 Detecting Unique Column Combinations on Dynamic Data
307 History-driven Query Optimization with Materialized Intermediate Views
308 ATraPos: Adaptive Transaction Processing on Hardware Islands
315 Scalable Distance-Based Outlier Detection over High-Volume Data Streams
322 A Tunable Compression Framework for Bitmap Indices
325 Matching Heterogeneous Events with Patterns
342 Interactive Hierarchical Tag Clouds for Summarizing Spatiotemporal Social Contents
354 SLICE: Reviving Regions-Based Pruning for Reverse k Nearest Neighbors Queries
366 Mercury: A Memory-Constrained Spatio-temporal Real-time Search on Microblogs
372 Pagrol: PArallel GRaph OLap over Large-Scale Attributed Graphs
373 Private Search on Key-Value Stores with Hierarchical Indexes
374 Subgraph Pattern Matching over Uncertain Graphs with Identity Linkage Uncertainty
381 Multi-Cost Optimal Route Planning under Time-Varying Uncertainty
387 MELODY-Join: Efficient Earth Mover's Distance Similarity Join Using MapReduce
405 Effective Location Identification from Microblogs
406 Scalable Serializable Snapshot Isolation for Multicore Systems
422 Efficient Instant-Fuzzy Search with Proximity Ranking
424 A Hybrid Machine-Crowdsourcing System for Matching Web Tables
430 XQuery Streaming by Forest Transducers
434 Combining Information Extraction and Human Computing for Crowdsourced Knowledge Acquisition
450 Discriminative Features for Identifying and Interpreting Outliers
474 Keyword-based Correlated Network Computation over Large Social Media
479 Practical k Nearest Neighbor Queries with Location Privacy
480 Memory-efficient Centroid Decomposition for Long Time Series
485 Geometry Approach for k-Regret Query
487 Automatic Question Answer Pairs Generation From Noisy Case Logs
497 Head, Modifier, and Constraint Detection in Short Texts
507 Decorrelation of User Defined Function Invocations in Queries
515 MassJoin: A MapReduce-based Algorithm for String Similarity Joins
523 Complete Discovery of High-Quality Patterns in Large Numerical Tensors
526 Generating Private Synthetic Databases for Untrusted System Evaluation
532 Large-Scale Frequent Subgraph Mining in MapReduce
533 Fast Incremental SimRank on Link-Evolving Graphs
551 Fast Top-K Path-based Relevance Query on Massive Graphs
559 User-Driven Refinement of Imprecise Queries
570 Secure k-Nearest Neighbor Query over Encrypted Data in Outsourced Environments
571 Query Optimization of Distributed Graph Pattern Matching
582 PAQO: Preference-Aware Query Optimization for Decentralized Database Systems
596 Automatic Entity-Grouping for OLTP Workloads
607 Leveraging Metadata for Identifying Local, Robust Multi-variate Temporal (RMT) Features
610 In-RDBMS inverted indexes revisited
621 Ranking Item Features by Mining Online User-Item Interactions
645 Modeling Data for Business Processes
646 Optimal Hierarchical Layouts for Cache-Oblivious Search Trees
684 Engine Independence for Logical Analytic Flows

Industry Track Papers

53 CrowdPlanner: A Crowd-Based Route Recommendation System
65 The Vertica Query Optimizer: The Case for Specialized Query Optimizers
71 Silverback: Scalable Association Mining For Temporal Data in Columnar Probabilistic Databases
72 DBDesigner: A Customizable Physical Design Tool for Vertica Analytic Database
83 Near Neighbor Join
111 Efficient Support of XQuery Full Text in SQL/XML Enabled RDBMS
149 Region Sampling and Estimation of GeoSocial Data with Dynamic Range Calibration

Short Papers

197 CaSSanDra: An SSD Boosted Key-Value Store
304 Exploration of the effect of category match score in search advertising
589 Stock trade volume prediction with Yahoo! Finance user browsing behavior


1 Linked Data Query Processing (duration 1.5 hour)
2 Distributed Execution of Continuous Queries (duration 1.5 hour)
3 Just-in-time compilation for SQL query processing (duration 1.5 hour)
4 Data Stream Warehousing (duration 3 hour)
5 Data Quality: The other Face of Big Data (duration 1.5 hour)
6 Managing Uncertainty in Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data (duration 1.5 hour)