30th IEEE International Conference on
Data Engineering

Chicago, IL, USA | March 31-April 4, 2014

Camera-Ready Instructions

Please read and carefully follow the instructions in the steps below for formatting the accepted papers. Any questions related to this are to be sent to the proceedings chairs: Gabriel Ghinita, Ali Inan (Gabriel.Ghinita at umb.edu, ali.inan at isikun.edu.tr)

  1. Latex and Word Templates for camera-ready papers can be found here.

  2. The (hard) camera-ready deadline is November 29, 2013 (due 5pm PT).

  3. When preparing the camera-ready papers, please follow the rules below:
    1. Camera-ready papers should NOT have page numbers. All numbering will be done by the publisher. All submissions must be formatted to US Letter page size.
    2. Submissions should be identifiable through a filename convention:
      • please use "ICDE14_conf_full_XXX.pdf" for Research Track Papers,
      • please use "ICDE14_demo_XXX.pdf" for Demo Papers,
      • please use "ICDE14_industry_XXX.pdf" for Industry Track Papers,
      • please use "ICDE14_tutorial_XXX.pdf" for Tutorial Papers
      • please use "ICDE14_invitedpaper_XXX.pdf" for invited papers
    3. where XXX is the paper number assigned to your submission by CMT (e.g.: "ICDE14_conf_full_045.pdf").
  4. The page limits are strict and final:
    • Research full papers: 12 pages
    • Demo papers: 4 pages
    • Industrial papers: 6 or 12 pages
    • Tutorial papers: 4 pages
    • Invited papers: 12 pages
  5. Camera-ready papers must be in PDF format and have passed through the IEEE PDF eXpress to ensure compliance to the IEEE Xplore format. Please go to the IEEE PDF eXpress site at http://www.pdf-express.org/ and open an account by following the link "New Users - Click Here". You will need the Conference ID which is "30119X". Then submit your paper(s), to get feedback about their compliance with IEEE Xplore. If not compliant, address the comments on the feedback, and retry until you have produced compliant documents.

  6. The IEEE copyright form should be submitted electronically in the CMT system. There is a link "Submit IEEE Copyright Form" in the Camera-Ready column in the CMT system. Please follow the step-by-step instructions there and submit your copyright form electronically. This will take you to the IEEE eCopyright submission site. Once you have submitted the form electronically there, please remember to download the pdf generated by the IEEE office as a receipt for your submission and click Return to return to the CMT website. Finally, please upload this pdf receipt to the CMT system using the upload copyright form option in the CMT interface, which completes your submission of the copyright form. This is required for all accepted papers in order for them to be included in the proceedings and the IEEE Xplore website. If you have troubles of submitting the copyright forms using this service, please do not hesitate to contact the proceedings chairs.

  7. Report the correct order of authors and authors' affiliations in both the CMT system and by sending an email to the two proceeding co-chairs: Gabriel.Ghinita at umb.edu, ali.inan at isikun.edu.tr. The reported order will be used for the program brochure, the conference web site, etc. Send an email to proceedings co-chair s with subject "Research full paper xxx" or "Demo paper xxx" or "Industrial paper xxx" or "Tutorial paper xxx", replacing xxx with your paper number in CMT. The body should contain:
    • Paper Title:
    • Paper Number in CMT:
    • First author's name: (as you wish it to appear on all conference documents)
    • First author's affiliation:
    • Second author's name:
    • Second author's affiliation:
    • ...
  8. Submit the final version of your paper through the CMT web interface, but *ONLY AFTER* it has passed IEEE PDF eXpress to ensure compliance.

  9. At least one author per paper must register for the conference (details on registration will be posted later on the conference website), for the paper to be included in the proceedings.

  10. Papers which are not presented by any author at the conference will be removed from the proceedings in IEEE Xplore.